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Christmas Party 2016

After some delicious mince pies, cake and biscuits washed down with mulled wine and coffee we divided into 2 teams for the fun part of the evening. The objective was to paint the Girl With A Pearl Earring with each person donning the Santa hat, taking the next feature at random from the sock and making their mark on the paper. The final step - the earring - was placed blindfolded.

The images below give an indication of the enthusiasm and hilarity with which everyone joined in. The right team completed their painting first, speed being the decisive factor irrespective of quality, and were rewarded with even more chocolates.

Sorry Vermeer, but then I suppose yours took a bit longer than ours! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Christmassy refreshments

Ready, steady, go!

Terry and Ken in full swing

Jo and Margaret hard at work

Anxiously awaiting their turn

Sue and John adding their marks

Right team finish first

Right team's 'finished' painting

Left team look rather lost

Left team's 'finished' painting
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