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Iris Hughes 
Iris was a member of the Lacock Art Group for 5 or 6 years during which time she endeared herself to everyone with her support, humour, wit and ready smile. She has sadly passed on and we very much miss her, but her spirit - of giving without the expectation of receiving, which is very much the ethos of our art group, will live on with us all.
Sadly, we do not have pictures of much of her artwork - what we have is here, along with some photos of her during her too a short time, at the art group. 

Iris enjoying time with Catherine

Iris enjoying Catherine's demo.

Iris's seascape during Catherine's demonstration

A beach in Australia

Iris helping in the restaurant at one of our exhibitions

Iris (beside Sally) at the Frank Collict demonstration in 2016

Iris taking part in the fun Mona Lisa Christmas competition

.....and then making a quick getaway!
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