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2020 Monet's The Magpie Competition 
Each winter we hold a competition for members, which is traditionally judged at our last meeting of the year in December. We display the entries in Lacock Village Hall and everyone votes for their top three paintings on the night. As we're unable to hold this year's competition in the usual way we're taking it online. The task for members was to paint their version of The Magpie by Claude Monet.

COMPETITION RESULTS - Congratulations to our three winning entries! Richard Adams takes first place with his entry No. 10. Kay Smith came second (No. 30) and Linda Ridler came third (No. 27). 

Entry No. 10 WINNER Richard Adams

Entry No. 30 Kay Smith 2nd Place

Entry No. 27 Linda Ridler 3rd Place

Entry No. 11

Entry No. 14

Entry No. 18

Entry No. 22

Entry No. 25

Entry No. 26

Entry No. 31

Entry No. 36

Entry No. 38

Entry No. 40

Entry No. 41
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