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Note - we have also put the Lacock Art Group Constitution, our statement re the General Data Protection Regulations and the rules for exhibiting with the Lacock Art Group, after the Member's Handbook.


Lacock Art Group Committee Members:

Margaret Gray, President.

Mark Peskett, Chairperson,

Stephen Simpkins, Treasurer.

Joy Tickell, Membership Secretary and Demonstration Organiser.

Elspeth Wales, Web Site,

John Harris, Committee Member,

Linda Ridler, Committee Member,

Chris Crosby, Committee Member,

Additional roles are undertaken by:
Mark Peskett - Representative for the Group on the Lacock Village Hall Committee, Exhibitions (temporarily).

Lacock Art Group meets:

At Lacock Village Hall, East Street, Lacock.  Please do not park in East Street (except for offloading), use public car park at the Red Lion pub or outside the school in the High Street.  Houses nearby display notices in their windows stating ‘residential parking only‘, these notices are not legal in law, but we have to respect the householders who park their vehicles nearby, and we need to maintain goodwill with the people who live in Lacock.  We have agreed, with the Lacock Village Committee, not to park in East Street, all members are asked to abide by this.

Sessions are every Thursday from early January through to the 2nd Thursday in December.

Session times are from 7pm to 9pm, however you may be able to stay later if a key holder is willing to stay with you to lock up.

We usually break for tea/coffee at 8pm, you may prefer to bring your own mug as the cups available are small. At the moment there is no charge for tea/coffee/biscuits.

All members are asked to take part in opening and locking up the Village Hall on two consecutive sessions, this usually works out at 2 or 3 times per year/per person.  There is a rota on the noticeboard which is displayed every Thursday, please check your availability and add your name to the rota.  When it’s your turn you will need to bring some milk but you can claim this back from the treasurer. 

All members are asked to keep talking to a minimum during painting time; this encourages concentration which leads to improvements in your work.

Monthly Newsletter

The newsletter contains information on forthcoming; exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, art tips etc.

Please contact Mark Peskett ( if you have anything to be included.

Membership Fees:

To be a member of the Lacock Art Group, members must pay the full fee (at present £125 per year). The fee is payable in 5 parts (see below) at the beginning of each term and must be paid promptly. We open from late January to early December. Fees are paid in January for 9 weeks -£25.00 and then every 10 weeks - £25.00 for 4 terms (Payments are needed in March, May, July and September). Payment can be made by cash/cheque; cheques may be posted to Stephen Simpkins, Treasurer.

Members will not be able to display their artwork on the Group's web site or at exhibitions run by the Group, unless they are up to date with the payment of fees.

A discount is offered to any member who pays the annual fee in one lump sum - currently, the year's fee (payable at the start of the first term in January) is £100 giving a discount of £25 over the year.

There is a concession of £40 per 10 week term for retired married couples.

Guests and non - members who attend demonstrations etc will be required to pay a fee on the evening.

Persons aged 16 and under are welcome to attend but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Members who are absent for any  period of time will be expected to pay any outstanding fees still owed to the Group, on their return.

Members are expected to attend regularly in order to keep their membership.

Where your money goes: Hiring the Village Hall for sessions and annual exhibition, cost of demonstrations/workshops, other exhibition fees, refreshments, stationery, advertising, group membership of the Society of All Artists, website costs etc.


During the year there will be demonstrations/workshops from visiting professional artists and some of our own members.  We also have figure drawing sessions using visiting models or our own members (don’t panic - in 10 minute poses).

When a demonstration is planned please arrive early so that the demonstration can start promptly at 7pm.

If you do not wish to participate in, or watch, a demonstration you are welcome to continue with your own work but please do so quietly so as not to disturb the demonstrator or those taking part.

Membership List:

As a new member your contact details will be added to the Membership List - this is only distributed to members of the Committee. 

Society of All Artists:

Our group membership number is: 072973

This entitles you to discounted art materials, an opportunity to advertise yourself with photographs of your art work, and 3rd party insurance.

Our Website:

Our web address is You are welcome to provide photographs of your paintings to be added to the online gallery, please email to Steve Oram (  You can also check there for our forthcoming events.

Communication by members to the Committee:
If you are not going to be able to attend Group meetings or take part in exhibition stewarding or attend demonstrations etc due to holidays, ill health etc, it is a good idea to let a member of the Committee know – from time to time we have guests and non-members who wish to attend our activities and this will help us determine how much spare space we may have to accommodate them. Communications of this and of general nature may be made directly (face to face), phone or email.

If a member wishes to make a complaint concerning any part of the Group or its activities, that complaint should be addressed to the Chairperson or a member of the Committee directly (face to face) or by letter and must not be made by email.

Final Word:

Margaret Gray, President, thanks every member for their continuing input and support in helping to keep Lacock Art Group the friendly, encouraging and inspiring group that it is. 



(Agreed at the AGM held on April 7th 2016)

1. Title

The Group shall be known as the Lacock Art Group

2. Object

The Lacock Art Group is a small friendly group who come to together on a weekly basis to learn, improve and have fun with their art.

The Club provides support and advice by more experienced members to those who wish it and promotes integrity and good practice in individual member’s artwork.

3. Management

The Group’s affairs shall be managed by a committee which usually consists of 7 members. Three Committee members will take the roles of Chairperson, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Other roles/jobs needed within the group such as Exhibitions Organiser, Demonstrations Organiser, Web Page and Publicity Organiser etc will be taken on by both Committee Members and other members of the group.,

The Committee reserves the right to co-opt any other members  as they may deem necessary. Each Committee member shall hold office normally for 3 years, but will be elected/approved each year by the Group’s members at the yearly AGM (see Item 6)

4. Membership

The Group welcomes all artists/potential artists of all standards from beginners to experts. All ages are welcome (those attending who are under the age of 16 will be accompanied by a responsible adult).

Members will help in the weekly running of the Group by helping to open up the Village Hall, helping at exhibitions etc.

All members should be of good behaviour at all times whilst attending Group meetings and exhibitions. If a member does not act appropriately or with the best interests of the Group in mind, the Committee may terminate their membership and remove the member from the Group (with appropriate reimbursement of any fees paid in advance).

5.  Honorary Membership

Only members who have served the Group in an Official capacity will be eligible for Honorary Life Membership. Honorary Life Membership will be offered to those who have served the Group in a way that the Committee feels needs to be rewarded. No fees will be due from such members who will still have voting rights and be able to exhibit at Group exhibitions without paying a hanging fee or a commission.

6. Subscriptions/Fees

Currently Group membership fees are paid in January for 9 weeks - and then every 10 weeks for 4 terms (Payments are needed in March, May, July and October). 

Payment can be made by cash/cheque or by card.

A discount is offered to any member who pays the annual fee in one lump sum.

Guests and non-members who attend demonstrations etc will be required to pay a fee on the evening.

There will be a concessionary rate  for retired married couples.

Current fees and payment rules are published in the Members handbook.

Group membership fees may be altered by the Committee when it is deemed appropriate to cover changes to running costs etc.

7. Annual General Meeting

The Group shall hold an AGM, chaired by the Chairperson each year on a date to be fixed by the Committee. At that meeting they shall receive and approve :-

a) A report from the Chairperson on the work of the Group in the preceding year.

b) The Secretary will read out the minutes of the last AGM and ask for any matters arising and for approval of the minutes.

c) A report and Balance Sheet drawn up by the Treasurer.

d). Before the AGM members will be asked to submit any matters they want raised at the AGM.

e). If there are major changes to be made to the Committee, this will be attended to at the AGM.

At the AGM twelve members shall form a quorum.

8. Activities

The Group will meet from late January to early December for members to pursue their own art.

The Group will also organise regular demonstrations and workshops given by visiting talent and some of our own members. Other art activities including figure drawing and still life will also be organized from time to time.

9. Exhibitions

Each year a main Exhibition will be held in Lacock Village Hall. Additionally other exhibitions at local fetes and events may be organised by the Group.

The Committee, headed by the Chairperson, will be responsible for organising the Exhibitions and have the power to:-

a) Accept titles of entries for exhibition only from persons who are members of the Group.

b) Publish rules pertaining to the Exhibition.

c) Reject any entry which can be deemed to be a copy of another artist’s work or may be a breach of copyright.

d) Restrict the number of entries per member in the event of there being too many entries to hang advantageously.

e) Reject entries from members who have not conformed to the Exhibition rules as published.

f) If a particular piece of art put forward for an exhibition run by the Group is deemed contentious by a member of the Group or the public, the Committee will meet to discuss whether or not it should be included in the exhibition – the Committee’s decision will be final.

g) The Hanging Fee will be decided by the Committee and will depend on the expenses involved.

h) The Committee will make arrangements for the sale and insurance of entries.

10. Web Site

The Group’s web site with the URL: should at all times be owned by the Group.

It should be used to:-

a) Promote the Group’s membership and activities.

b)  Act as a ‘shop window’ for the artistic activities of the Group’s members allowing the members to show examples of their work in a Gallery section – the number of examples/images that each member can show will depend on the overall image capacity of the site and limits may need to be applied from time to time. The images will be subject to the same rules and restrictions applied to the Group’s exhibitions.

c) Highlight the Group’s program of Meetings, Exhibitions and Art Trips.

d) Provide a contact point for both members and non-members and especially to prospective new members.

e) Act as a resource centre for art materials, other art societies etc through links. Prospective links will be vetted by the Committee member who has an over-view of the site.

f) The login e-mail address and password (which allows changes and additions/alterations to be made to the web site) are to be held by the Committee Officers and anyone else who they allow to alter/work on the site. The Committee is to be informed when changes to the login e-mail address and password are made and those changes are to be given to the Committee Officers.

g) As mentioned in 10a to 10e above, the web site is used to promote and display all our Group activities. By being a member of the Lacock Art Group, members agree that images of their artwork or of themselves during Group activities, may be displayed on the web site.

11. Equipment

Any equipment purchased by the Group will remain the property of the Group and will be housed safely by any member of the Committee.

12. Disbanding of the Group

In the event of the Group disbanding, any equipment belonging to the Group will be sold and the proceeds divided equally amongst the current members or given to a Charity. The bank balance at the time of disbandment, after all expenses and bills have been paid, will be treated in the same manner. The Lacock Art Group cannot be disbanded without a decision being made by the members at an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting.

13. Rules

The Committee, from time to time, may make such additional rules and regulations as it shall deem necessary for the proper management of the Group. Such additional rules and regulations to be first passed at an Annual General Meeting, an extra-ordinary General Meeting or by circulation to members.

Revision to the Constitution shall only be passed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Group.

Lacock Art Group 7th April 2016

This is in 2 parts - first the Data Audit and second a copy of the form that we ask all members to fill in and sign.






This document is a statement of what personal data LAG holds – both historic data and up to-date data and changes that will be made under the new GDPR.


A.      WHAT DATA IS CURRENTLY HELD? - this consists of the names, postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of both current members and members who have left LAG.

B.      HOW IS THIS DATA HELD? – the above data may be held in both printed (hardcopy) form and electronically as Word.doc, Excel etc files.

C.      WHO HOLDS THIS DATA? – it was the policy of the Committee up to 3 years ago to distribute this data in the form of an electronic document to all members and to regularly send out updated copies when the list was altered (members left LAG, altered their personal data etc). Therefore, most members who were members of LAG 3 years ago and further back, may have an electronic copy of member’s personal data and a hard copy if they printed it out.

D.      WHAT IS THE CURRENT & FUTURE POLICY OF LAG IN HOLDING MEMBER’S PERSONAL DATA? – the current policy, post the new GDPR regulations, is to:

i.                    Hold only the personal data on current members given to us by the members (Name, Postal address (optional), Phone nos. (optional) and email address) on our GDPR form.

ii.                   This form is held as a hard copy by LAG’s secretary.

iii.                 Further, the email addresses of all current members are held in electronic form and distributed to the members of the Committee only.

iv.                 The Committee, when communicating with the membership in part or as a whole, will generally BCC the addresses so that there is not a general distribution to all members of those email addresses. The exception to this is when a Committee member emails a small number of members who need to communicate with each other, perhaps independently, over some matter.

v.                   The Committee and membership will be asked to destroy/delete all personal data that they may still have from the days when the membership list was distributed to all members (ie mainly the lists which are more than 3 years old.

vi.                 The Committee will be asked to destroy/delete all membership data that is not current, and which may include personal data of members who have left or who are deceased, both within the last 3 years and further back.

vii.               In the future, personal data held on a member who leaves or who is deceased will be destroyed/deleted both in it’s hardcopy form (held by the Secretary) and electronic form (held by the Committee).





A.      The ‘Controller’ of your personal data is the LAG Committee that determines what personal information is collected and how it is to be used and who within LAG is the ‘Processor’ of that information.

B.       What Personal Information does LAG hold about its members? This consists of:

i.                     A member’s name, postal address, phone numbers (home and mobile) and email address – NOTE, it is essential that we hold your name and email address but those who prefer their phone numbers and postal address to remain private and not held by LAG, can do so).

ii.                   NO OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION (ie. age, marital status, health etc) is held by LAG.

C.       What is the purpose of LAG holding the above personal information?

iii.                  To help LAG to run as a club ie. to collect fees, for safety (the fire attendance register), to organise rotas and events etc.

iv.                  To communicate with members (the Newsletter, notices about demonstrations, exhibitions etc).

D.      Who is the ‘Processor’ of your personal data?

v.                   The data processor is the LAG Secretary who collects your personal data and holds it on file (hard copy and electronically) and maintains the membership list. The LAG Secretary distributes the membership list to the LAG Committee only. The LAG Committee members are not allowed to distribute the membership list to any person/party outside the Committee.

E.       Who is allowed to see your personal data?

vi.                  Internally (within LAG) – your personal data is distributed to the LAG Committee for the purposes of planning, collecting fees, distributing information and amounts owed by the group for picture sales etc. NOTE – your personal data is not distributed to other (non-Committee) members of LAG.

vii.                Externally (outside LAG to other organisations, individuals, art suppliers etc) – the list and its data IS STRICTLY NOT distributed or communicated to any external or 3rd party person or organisation.




I have read the above statement regarding the collection, storage and distribution of my personal data and agree that LAG may hold the data given below, for the purposes mentioned, only.










Phone No.







Signature………………………………………………………                                                  Date……………………………..





A.   ORIGINAL & PRINTED WORK - FRAMED (WHERE APPROPRIATE) AND TO BE HUNG (IMPORTANT NOTE From the August Bank Holiday Exhibition 2018 and until further notice, framed prints will not be hung at Lacock Art Group Exhibitions)

i.              Where? -  on display boards if under 50cmx70cm or on the stage if larger. There should be no more than one piece of art from a member on any one display board – this is to ensure fairness in the hanging arrangement.

ii.             How?  – see notes below. All work must be well strung/wired for hanging and be properly labelled on the back – see notes below.

iii.            Price? – this is up to each artist.

iv.           Hanging fee? - £1 per painting/print.

v.             Commission on sales – 10%

vi.           Note - only artwork in this category is listed on the application form – do not list browser, A5 ART or artcards on the form. The application form has spaces for up to 10 framed paintings to be hung – we can normally hang this many taking into account that some members only apply to hang a couple of pieces. During the exhibition as paintings get sold, you may be able to hang more for which you must pay a hanging fee

vii.          Also note that we deliberately do not have a ‘hanging committee’, so that all members exhibiting take part in arranging the exhibition.


i.              Where? – in the browsers provided by LAG – again original and printed unframed art, must be kept separate from each other and therefore we usually dedicate 2 browsers to originals and 1 to prints.

ii.             How? – all unframed artwork must be mounted, be tidy on the back, be labelled and must be in a see-through sleeve/pouch.

iii.            Price? – this is up to each artist.

iv.           Hanging/display fee? – none.

v.             Commission on sales – 10%


C.   A5 ART

i.              Where? – this is still to be determined – we will experiment with a rotary display and if this does not work we can bring in another browser. A5 ART and Art Cards will be kept separate to avoid confusion.

ii.             What/How? – all A5 ART must be original and be presented in the same way as the art in B above.

iii.            Price? – this is up to each artist.

iv.           Hanging/display fee? – none.

v.             Commission on sales – 10%.



i.              Where? LAG provides 4 large card display racks and all art cards must be displayed in these – to be fair to all members no individual card display racks will be allowed.

ii.             How? – cards must be in a see-through sleeve/pouch with clear labelling indicating who the artist is and the price.

iii.            Price? – all cards are to be priced at £2 each (this is to make life easier on the sales desk).

iv.           Display fee? – none.

v.             Commission on sales? – 10%.


i.              Art painted onto slate etc will be displayed on the stage.

ii.             All art work must be properly strung and framed (where applicable) – do not rely on loops, hooks or clips attached to the backboard – if at all possible ‘D’ plates/mirror plates should be used and fastened directly to the back of the framework. If screw eyes are used, they must be secure (screwing them into fibre board frames is usually insufficient.

iii.            All artwork should have a label on the back of the work stating the artists name, phone number, title and price of the artwork (a phone number is optional but is useful if we have to contact the artist concerning the sale).

iv.           Title/display labels (provided by LAG) will normally be attached to the bottom of the framed art using Blu-tack. 

v.             All work should look good from the back as well as the front.

vi.           Insurance for the artwork is the responsibility of the artist and the Lacock Art Group cannot be held liable for damage to framework/artwork during a Lacock Art Group exhibition or during the set-up and dismantling of the exhibition.

vii.          It is assumed that all artwork is for sale – if not, the artwork should be clearly labelled as such (normally artwork not for sale is original and prints would be available at the exhibition).

viii.         To avoid breaching Copyright Laws, artwork which is a copy of another artist’s painting should be labelled as “after a painting by……” Because of possible problems with breaches of copyright on commercial and film images, artwork based on tv/film characters is not allowed.

ix.           Mounted but unframed prints will be displayed in a separate browser to that used for original artwork – the number of unframed but mounted prints will be limited to how many can be accommodated in the browser.

x.             Photographic artwork is not allowed.

xi.           To hang artwork at a Lacock Art Group exhibition, artists must be a member of LAG and be up to date with their subscriptions/fees and have paid the £1 hanging fee for each piece of artwork hung.

xii.          The Committee reserves the right to reject any artwork that they feel may cause offence or breach copyright laws etc.



 To be fair to all members, individual displays of art cards etc are not allowed – all cards, A5 ART etc must be displayed in the units supplied by LAG.


  With up to 3 exhibitions a year in the Village Hall, exhibitions are a major part of what we do at LAG and therefore, as with all our other activities, we expect members to participate as much as possible. Here are a couple of notes from questions asked by members:

i.              If you want to exhibit but are away for a particular exhibition, you may still exhibit so long as you can find a member to hang your artwork and take it down and store it again after the exhibition – we do understand that with the number of exhibitions we do each year, we cannot expect all members to be available for all of them. However, it would be unfair for a member to have their artwork displayed when they are unavailable for stewarding and then not steward in our other exhibitions during the year.

ii.             If you are not exhibiting, you are still expected to help with putting up/taking down the displays (we do recognise that some members are unable to help with physical work) and stewarding, as far as possible – exhibitions are a group activity for the benefit of everyone and we encourage all members to join in the fun and work together as a group.

5.    SALES

Unlike many other exhibitions, items that have been sold are usually taken away by the purchaser immediately they have paid for the artwork - many of those visiting the exhibition come from outside of Wiltshire and are on day trips. 

Gaps left in the display will not necessarily be filled by the same artist whose work has just been sold - there is often artwork waiting to be displayed by other members and we must act fairly to all fellow members in displaying our work.