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Message from the Chair

I hope you are all well and are managing to have some creative time. On Thursday 27th August your committee held a meeting in Lacock Village Hall. The main focus was to assess the measures to implement to comply with the latest COVID rules. With these measures in place, the risks of contracting COVID-19 are, if not eliminated, certainly minimised as far as is practical. The committee has voted unanimously that a return is feasible and a date has been set for Thursday 24th September. Further details of the proposed measures (Covid risk assessment) are attached.

Restarting is subject to how many members indicate they will return and of course all this is subject to the Government rules in force at the time and is subject to change at short notice.

It is very important we hear from all members on their intention. So please indicate by email to me ( whether, based on these measures, you will or will not return to Thursday meetings on this date.



August's news ...

Last month's Covid Challenge: Rock

Thanks to those of you who took part in last month’s art challenge, which took the theme of ‘rock’. This challenge proved popular and inspired paintings of landscapes and puffins to people and drinks. As usual, all paintings submitted to this challenge are on the LAG website in the gallery called Covid Challenge: Rock. Here are a couple of the artworks submitted this month (Ken's Lighthouse and Margaret's Stones) to give you a taste of what to expect when you look at the online gallery.



... and September's art challenge: Shade

Ends on 18 September.

The latest art challenge, should you wish to accept it, calls for paintings on the subject of ‘shade’. Please send your submissions to Elspeth at her usual email address and give her a title for your painting. This is not a competition, so everyone’s a winner!  Mark's submission for the Shade challenge is below - you can see more on the gallery page.