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 The Lacock Art Group is not a group where you simply turn up to draw and paint we are an active, vibrant group of artists who come together to advance and improve, as well as enjoy, our art. Along with meeting each week for painting sessions we have a full and varied programme, that we like all members to participate in - these include demonstrations, drawing sessions, exhibitions and the occasional fun art competition. 

 New members are able to attend their first two sessions free to see whether they are comfortable in the Group before making a final decision to join.

 PLEASE NOTE - the Group is very popular and runs with a full membership. At present (19/07/2019) the Waiting List for membership has grown into double figures and therefore we have had to close it and will not be taking anybody else onto the Waiting List until it has reduced - keep an eye on this page to see when we open the Waiting List again.

 Finally, to learn how we run our art group go to the members Handbook page where, as well as the handbook, you will find our Constitution, Compliance with the GDPR and rules/guidlines governing how we run our exhibitions.

If you are interested in joining us further into the future, please visit our web site regularly to see what the Group is up to, by viewing updates on our Programme and Exhibition pages.